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  • Shoe Shuffle

    • This popular fun and exciting mobile app is looking for indie artists to power their app. All genres are accepted.
      In order to be considered for placement on the app the promoter is requesting that interested artists download the app and leave a review and rating.

      Once you leave the review and rating then email us at with the name you used when you left review/rating and also send us your mp3. The mp3 needs to be of high quality and cannot contain profanity.

      The name of the app is called Shoe Shuffle. It's a FREE, Fun and Exciting game! Very addicting!!
      The game is currently available on the App Store and Google Play for FREE!!

      Search the app store or google play for the Shoe Shuffle app or use the links below.

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  • Make Ringtones From YouTube Videos

    •  On UWMixRadio you can create very entertaining ringtones from YouTube videos. YouTube has a massive database of videos and music from variety of musicians. This is a great opportunity for you to be creative and create customized content from YouTube videos. Be sure to share your creations with your friends and family on various social networks. To Create Ringtones from YouTube videos please follow the instructions below.

      Note: You must be logged in to create ringtones.


      Click on the Make Your Own Tab

      Upload from YouTube and Others tab

      If you know the YouTube url then enter the YouTube url in the external url textbox Or enter a keyword in the search YouTube textbox

      Then click on Search YouTube Select the video you want as a ringtone

      Click on the Upload button

      Then proceed to the ringtone “chopping” steps

      To watch a step by step video on how to create ringtones from YouTube videos click on the YouTube video link below.

      Make Ringtones From YouTube

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  • Listen. Create. Share

    • Are you Creative?

      Upload your creation to share them with friends, fans and followers everywhere.

      Connect with the community on Uwmixradio to build your fan base.


      Post your sounds to share them with friends, fans and followers everywhere. Connect with the community on SoundCloud to build your audience.

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